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Welcome to our Forms Page!

At Travel Your World, we craft extraordinary travel experiences and lifelong memories.

We are ecstatic to know that you have chosen to explore your world with us!

Before you begin to complete your form, we have created a list of instructions that will ensure your application, tour confirmation and payment schedule get administered seamlessly.  Please read through our instructions carefully. Each form also contains helpful instructions relevant to ensuring its accurate completion so please read through those as well. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please forward them to your sales consultant who directed you to complete this form or email Janice Cadieux, Operations & Accounting Manager, at for assistance.


  • Click on the appropriate form button below to open a PDF document on your computer.
  • Complete this document in its entirety by typing in your responses.
  • If any of the questions on the forms you are completing do not apply to you, simply enter “Not Applicable” or “N/A” as your response.
  • Once completed, if you wish to save your “completed pdf” for your records, select “Save” or “Save As.” It is helpful to save the form(s) as you are completing it so you do not accidentally lose progress in completing it in the event of some unforeseen loss or outage, etc.
  • Print completed form, initial each page, sign, and date.
  • Scan or take a clear photo of your completed and signed form(s) and email a copy to Janice Cadieux – Operations and Accounting Manager – For STUDENT APPLICANTS, please submit the original copy of your completed and signed form(s) to your school tour direct/leader/teacher.  
  • Please include ATTN: NEW APPLICATION FOR [INSERT GROUP NAME]-[INSERT LAST NAME] in your subject line when you email your application to Janice.

*Please Note: You must be clear and precise in your responses. Any incomplete, inaccurate and/or illegible applications will be voided and returned to the applicant for resubmission. Late applications can delay your payment schedule which may result in penalty fees. 

**All payments 1 – 15 days past due will result in a 10% late payment penalty. All payments 16 – 29 days past due will result in a 15% late payment penalty.  If the scheduled payment and penalty amount(s) are not received within 30 days from a scheduled payment date, Travel Your World assumes the participant will not be travelling and refunds will be subject to Travel Your World’s cancellation policy.  Should the participant still wish to travel on the tour, this must be communicated clearly in a written format to Travel Your World and the full outstanding amount(s) plus penalties must be paid within 24 hours of providing notice.

For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.