The Travel Your World Difference

Expert knowledge, decades of experience, and trusted global partnerships connect you with custom-design, authentic and inspiring journeys, worldwide.

Our clients come to us for unique and immersive travel experiences that encompass key elements of cultural learning and discovery.  Our clients value bespoke planning, small group touring, flexibility, transparency and trust.  

Who are our Clients?

  • School Groups – High School Students, University Students (Working Holiday transition), and Educators…
  • Small ‘Special Interest’ Groups – Authors, Artists, Antiquity Researchers, Active Adventurers, Chefs, Cyclists, Entrepreneurs, Historians, Photographers, Pilgrims/Spiritualists, Professional Golfers, Wellness Instructors, and more…
  • Single Travellers, Couples, and Family Groups looking for custom-designed travels that meet their needs…

…and all who love to explore, experience, and inherit life-long fulfilling memories.

We explore worldwide destinations…

Themes, passions, purpose and interests drive our options.  We’re more than just where you travel, we’re about why you travel!

  • Active Journeys
  • Marine -Sailing, Barging, Small Ship Cruising & Liveaboard Diving
  • Trekking, Hiking, Cycling Adventures
  • Worldwide Safaris
  • Exotic Sunny Escapes
  • Wine & Culinary Discoveries
  • Music & Fine Arts
  • Golf and Global Sporting Events
  • History & Ancient Civilizations
  • Religious, Spiritual & Faith-Based Pilgrimages
  • People, Landscape & Wildlife Photography
  • Wellness & Yoga Retreats
  • Fashion Landmarks & Icons
  • Global City Escapes
  • ‘On-Location’ Film Settings…. and much more!

We ask…

  • what your needs are?  What outcomes do you hope to achieve on your travel journey?

  • which destinations or local attractions you yearn to experience? We help narrow down the destination that excites you the most!

  • when do you wish to travel?  Spring, summer, fall or winter? What best suits your needs?

…Because, we hope to provide you with the opportunity to learn and grow by seeing and experiencing your world.

We Deliver

  • Activity-based discoveries with trusted content

  • Hands-on participation suited for your level of comfort

  • Private group touring with private coaches and guide

  • Fully customized small group touring with a clear connection to your theme/interest, never joining other groups

  • Personalized service

  • Openness with knowledge of the flight schedule, hotels, restaurants and day to day itinerary months in advance of departure

  • Detailed documentation and around the clock support while on tour