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We are passionate about connecting intrepid individuals with authentic, inspiring and experiential journeys worldwide.  We specialize in custom itineraries tailored to your travel needs, interests and budget.  We plan, design and implement the ideal trip that encompasses learning, adventure, flexibility and freedom. 

As avid travellers ourselves, we understand the importance of comfort and organization while travelling.  All of our itineraries are custom designed and packaged for seamless execution. We are your optimum choice for:

  • Junior & High School Educational/Curriculum-based Group Tours
  • Post-Secondary, Gap Year and Working Holiday Travel Planning
  • Small-Group Special-Interest Tours
  • Milestone Celebrations and Destination Events
  • Weddings, Anniversaries & Vow Renewals
  • Executive Retreats & Incentives
  • Wellness Travel
  • Custom Independent Travel Itineraries
  • …and much more – Contact us!

Our tours are all custom-built.  We aim to exceed your expectations. We offer a broad variety of travel styles, flexibility, and one-of-a-kind experiences. We put our clients’ needs first and value feedback throughout our process as it is very valuable to our research, planning, and promise to ensure you Travel Your World, Your Way.

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Our Team

We are a proud and tenured team of travel planners, tour leaders and world travellers dedicated to understanding your needs and expectations, ensuring that your experience is everything you imagine it to be.  The possibilities are endless and with our knowledge and decades of travel experience, we can help you plan and execute the perfect journey.

Cindy Marleau

Co-owner and Senior Sales Manager
Cindy has often been told by her mother that ever since she was little a girl, her favourite book was the Atlas and that she would spend hours tracing each country’s borders and roads.  Cindy has always been destined to travel!
Cindy has been an active traveller since the age of 16.  In 2001, she embarked on one of her greatest life’s journeys taking a year with her husband and her three teenagers explore the globe.  Her explorations took her from the iconic Great Wall of China to the colourful cultures of India, from the mouthwatering dishes of Thailand to the regal Sultan of Malaysia, from the cheerful children of Bangladesh to the riches of Monaco.  These life-changing adventures and fulfilling immersion into such diverse and magical cultures convinced Cindy that exploring our world is learning.  Cindy believes that it is not until you stand on the battlefields of France or walk on the Bridge over the River Kwai that you really see, feel and learn history. Your world is your classroom.
Cindy has led dozens of educational student and adult tours in her career.  She has been working in the industry for over twenty years mastering the art conceptualizing unique thematic experiential itineraries.  The magic of TYW tours begins with Cindy.  Connect with Cindy for your next inspiring soulful experiential journey.

Janice Cadieux

Co-owner and Operations & Accounts Manager
Janice will convince you that play, adventure, and nature are three of the most deserving words in any human language.  Her rural roots fed her soul’s desire to travel, employing these words in every aspect of her life.
Janice has worn various hats prior to solidifying her career in the travel industry and agrees that it has been a joyous and adventurous 23+ years so far.  Even though she is the TYW numbers and operations gal, Janice has travelled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Canada.  Her passion for adventure travel is contagious.  She even passed on her wanderlust to her two daughters who have grown to appreciate deviating from the beaten path.
What does Travel Your World mean to Janice? “I strongly believe travel is the best education! To travel your world goes beyond geography.  You allow yourself the opportunity to understand and appreciate values, compassion, and gratitude.  You discover who you are and you allow yourself to give and to receive.”  Janice is an avid trekker, yogi, and foodie.  One of her most inspiring experiences was fulfilling a 30-year dream of trekking into the Virunga Mountains of Africa to be present with gorillas.  Then share 98.5% of our human DNA.  That’s pretty incredible!  “The spontaneous touch of such an engaging being is one that will stay with me always!”  Connect with Janice for more travel stories, tour payments or join her on her next adventure!

Monique Sosa

Marketing Manager & Sales Associate
Growing up in Belize, a small and beautiful country in Central America, Monique has always had a natural affinity for the outdoors.  At 19 years old, she moved to Toronto to complete her university degree in Global Affairs where she spawned into adulthood dedicating much of her time towards international development and eco-tourism.
Monique began her travel in 2008 specialising in customised travels to destinations in the South Pacific.  On her first trip to New Zealand, she found herself so fixated on the day to day operations of a Central Otago winery that it transformed her forever.  Her appreciation for wine burgeoned into a burning interest. Monique has since completed several internationally renown programmes to accredit her title as a professionally certified sommelier including the Level III Wine and Spirit Education Trust Certification and the Italian Wine Scholar accreditation.
“There are countless stories behind what it takes to make a bottle of wine,” says Monique.  “For me, it’s the fascinating and highly respected concept of ‘terroir’ – i.e. the specific locales and climates that create the ‘sense of place’ for the grapes.”  Naturally, this fascination sparked a drive in Monique to explore all these wonderful and unique places in the world.  Her passion and interest for wine combined with her years of experience in the travel industry have enabled her to achieve her goal of offering “terroir touring” opportunities to discerning wine and food lovers.  
Monique is also an avid road cyclist, a scuba diver, and a veteran foodie.  Connect with Monique for your next worldwide wine, food, cycling or scuba diving adventure!

Tracy Unser

Senior Sales Associate
Tracy is our resident weddings, honeymoon, anniversary, family travel, and sunny escapes specialist. She is passionate, detailed-oriented and dedicated to crafting rewarding lifetime memories. She has a natural talent for finding new ways to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations and customizing every experience to your satisfaction.  Her personal travels have inspired her to be thankful for the world that she lives in.  She passionately promotes the exposure of our world’s many cultures and communities as one of the most fulfilling means of education.  Tracy’s passion has inspired her family to embrace travel from the many fond memories of the destinations and cultures they have enjoyed.  With support from her family, she ultimately chose to pursue her career in travel.
Tracy began working the travel industry since 2011.  She is has achieved specialties in:
  • Destination Wedding and Special Events Group Travel
  • Disney Resorts – “Disney Genius” certificate from the Disney College of Knowledge;
  • Princess Cruises – “Cruise Commodore” with the Princess Cruise Academy; and
  • “All Inclusive” beach vacations.
Interested in creative ideas for your destination wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, family or special event travel? Or even seeking a warm sunny escape? Connect with Tracy for more information.

Gillian Scragg

Sales Assistant
Gillian recently joined the Travel Your World team as Cindy’s right-hand.  She is a dedicated and enthusiastic go-getter with a passion for culture, history, adventure and getting stuff done!
Gillian has travelled immensely naming (in no particular order) India, France, Nepal, Thailand, London England and Vancouver Island as some of her favourite destinations in the world.  For Gillian, to Travel Your World means that you open your mind, heart, senses, and soul to what the world has to offer.
“We know such a small fragment of all our world’s offerings, we need to get out there and experience our world!”
Gillian strongly believes in the difference a positive mindset makes.  She is resourceful and committed to helping her team and worthy travelers in any way she can.  Aside from travel, Gillian appreciates the art and history of fine craftsmanship, family heirlooms, antiques and retro oddities.  Her top interests include antiquing, thrifting and hunting for lost treasures, giving them a second or third breath of life.
If you ever need administrative or operational support with your Travel Your World arrangements, contact Gillian.